You'll feel at home
anywhere in the world.




Frequent travellers will find
ZONE GlobalDial Plus an advantage.

Especially convenient to use since it does not require you to purchase an overseas SIM card.
It lets you stay connected with anyone, anywhere without incurring high roaming or IDD charges.


  • Slash your roaming charges by up to 91%
  • Call-Me-Back feature helps you set up Singapore-originated calls to anywhere in the world when you’re overseas so you can avoid high roaming charges or international call rates
  • Free registration, No contract
  • No more uncertainty or high IDD rates charged by overseas operators
  • Your calls back to Singapore are fixed at 40¢ per minute, and to other countries at 20¢ plus the ZONE GLOBALDIAL rate of those countries per minute


To register for ZONE GlobalDial Plus, kindly sign up for a ZONE account.

Alternatively, you may download the application form below.





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