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Connecting businesses and families drives much of what ZONE1511 IDD does. Now you can bridge long distances between yourself, your business partners and your loved ones anywhere in the world at the lowest rates in town!

By combining conventional IDD protocols and cutting-edge IT technology, ZONE1511 IDD ensures its customers of crystal-clear calls, unbeatable convenience and sizable reduction in IDD costs. Our award-winning service is made possible by a single-minded dedication to delivering premium quality, service excellence and value-adds in the most affordable package available. And it’s why you’ll find ZONE1511 your most ideal IDD service provider …bar none!

ZONE1511 IDD is brought to you by ZONE Telecom Pte Ltd (ZONE), widely recognised as one of Asia’s most IT-savvy telecommunication service providers. In 2000, ZONE1511 IDD was launched with a ground breaking internet service portal. This enables users to register for ZONE1511 IDD services online, track calls and monitor phone charges in real time. The company’s pioneering role received immediate recognition when it was honored as one of Asia’s top 20 IT users in the inaugural Intelligent20 Awards organized by the magazine, Intelligent Enterprise in 2001 and the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific Award in 2004. The company is focused on offering businesses and individuals best-in-class international call services.

Registration to use ZONE1511 IDD is absolutely free and with no contract to tie you down. What’s more, you pay no subscription fees but only as you use. As a ZONE1511 member, you’ll also be able to access a variety of smart business solutions and use ZONE as a one-stop shop to beef up your own communications network and capabilities.

So sign up today and start dialing up the savings with your next IDD call.




More Savings

✔ Up to 88% reduction in your IDD charges for corporate users

✔ Up to 97% reduction in your IDD charges for home users

✔ No Talk No Pay - Your call is free if it’s eight seconds or less

✔ No contract. No subscription. Free registration. Pay as you use


More Quality

✔ Regular call testing so service remains consistently top-notch

✔ ZONE1511 partners Tier 1 international operators only

✔ Use of traditional voice switches, instead of routers or PC-based solutions, so you enjoy excellent connectivity



More Choices & Flexibility

✔ Different plans to cater for different needs

✔ You may change your plan anytime (after expiry of promotional plan)

✔ Your sub-accounts, if any, can be assigned different plans depending on the needs of the users


More Control & Convenience

Online DIY tools for:

✔ 24/7 access

✔ Checking of call details

✔ Easy management of your accounts

✔ Tracking of your IDD expenditure

✔ Customised and itemised invoices *

✔ Comprehensive reports *

* For Corporate Users only.


More Value

✔ 1511BLACKLIST to prevent fraudulent calls

✔ 1511PIN to prevent unauthorised usage

✔ 1511QUICKDIAL for hassle-free dialling


More Peace of Mind

✔ Dedicated Account Managers for corporate users

✔ Dedicated Customer Service for home users

✔ Customisable service plans to suit your company's varying needs *

✔ 24-hour technical support *

* For Corporate Users only.


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