New IDD Service Providers join fast-growing ZONE1511


Singapore, September 12, 2000 – TelaPortal (S) Pte Ltd announced today that it has finalised agreements with two additional IDD service providers -- Pan Asia Telecom (S) Pte Ltd and Easi-Connect Pte Ltd.  Pan Asia Telecom (S) Pte Ltd and Easi-Connect Pte Ltd join 11 other IDD service providers in TelaPortal’s ZONE1511, an Internet IDD service portal giving home and business users better control over IDD call charges. 

Since its launch last month, ZONE1511 has expanded the number of service providers on the portal in its continuing effort to offer more choice to its members. “Customers can now select Pan Asia as one of their IDD service providers.  We are also delighted that Easi-Connect has agreed to offer its IDD service via ZONE1511,” said Yvonne Lee, managing director of TelaPortal (S) Pte Ltd. “Together with our existing partners, ZONE1511 is able to offer customers price transparency and eliminate the hassle of signing up with different IDD service providers individually.” 

“Customers can now benefit from our competitive IDD rates,” said Augustine Ler, executive vice president of Pan Asia Telecom (S) Pte Ltd. “Through ZONE1511, we are able to expand beyond our traditional IDD wholesale business and tap into the retail market without the extensive infrastructure required.” 

“We see ZONE1511 as an alternative channel for us to reach an even greater number of customers. It offers customers the convenience of accessing different service providers based on rates and quality and we are confident that customers will select Easi-Connect,” said Wing Tan, president of Easi-Connect Pte Ltd. 

Company Profile

e-KONG GROUP LIMITED. The core business of the e-KONG Group Limited (HKSE:524) is to create, operate and invest in the development of Internet and e-commerce businesses. e-KONG is the first to focus on unique industry-convergent service portals, which empower both service providers and registered users. These businesses include its popular IDD portal, ZONE1511; its revolutionary insurance service portal offering instant coverage, speedinsure; and other up-and-coming portals dedicated to saving registered users time and money, and giving service providers direct access to their best customers. 

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TelaPortal Singapore, a wholly-owned subsidiary of e-KONG Group, provides Singapore’s first IDD service portal, ZONE1511. Through a single account, users can register on-line to access multiple service providers and ZONE1511 automatically chooses the best-valued IDD service providers for callers at the time of the call.  Members get one consolidated bill at the end of the month detailing all the calls made through the service.  Calls can be made from any fixed or SingTel and M1 mobile phone. 

Pan Asia Telecom Pte Ltd is a long-distance telecommunications carrier with FCC license in USA and license to operate in Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong. It provides interconnect and wholesale businesses to some of the world’s largest carriers and interconnecting partners. Pan Asia Telecom Pte Ltd has a strong presence in most Asia Pacific countries with four major interconnecting sites in Los Angelas, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong. It has a SBO (Service Based Operator) license from IDA to provide ISR (International Resalers license) of international traffic in Singapore. 

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