ZONE Telecom breaks new ground with
Next-Generation Broadband Service

The Mission Critical High Speed Broadband for businesses that provides
faster, smoother connection without congestion


SINGAPORE, 23 May 2012 – ZONE Telecom, one of the leading local communications service providers, today announced the launch of ZONE Broadband 2.0, its high-speed fiber-optic broadband service targeted at business users, offering more than just speed for a positive Internet experience. Users on ZONE Broadband 2.0 enjoy Mission Critical class of service that provides lower latency, jitter and packet loss, with speeds of up to 1Gbps.

“A wide range of business applications run over the Internet today and the usual “Best Effort” Internet service offered may not be ideal to support all applications. While the general Internet service may easily handle sending large chunks of data over the Internet, voice and video applications will require a better quality of service with lower jitter and latency," said Mr Peter Ong, Managing Director of ZONE Telecom.

ZONE Telecom’s ZONE Broadband 2.0 is targeted at businesses ranging from one-man Small Office-Home Office (SOHO) operations to Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) and to large enterprises. "We strongly believe that broadband Internet service can be managed and optimised to suit different applications," said Mr Peter Ong. "Beyond active monitoring and management of our network performance to maintain a low contention ratio, we analyse customers' usage and manage the routing dynamically to ensure a high service level," he added. 

ZONE Broadband 2.0 enables business organisations to easily deploy and scale up or down mission critical applications to ensure business productivity and retain competitive advantage. “We are committed to be the service provider of choice for businesses and SMEs for high-speed fiber broadband services, ensuring business continuity and efficiency,” added Mr. Ong.

Mission Critical Class of Service

Designed for high resilience and redundancy, ZONE Broadband 2.0 offers the highest network availability with 99.95% service uptime guarantee. Featuring a network with multiple international and local carriers to better optimise traffic routing and real-time active network monitoring, it ensures low network contention ratio to provide symmetrical uplink and downlink speeds of up to 100Mbps. ZONE Broadband 2.0 empowers businesses with uninterrupted connectivity to boost productivity and to respond swiftly to market place dynamics.  

Flexible Plans

ZONE Broadband 2.0 offers customisable service plans with various access speeds to give business owners optimal leverage in value and cost effectiveness. Ranging from 5Mbps to 1Gbps and burstable bandwidth of up to 100Mbps, the monthly recurring charge starts from as low as $148.  ZONE Broadband 2.0 is also capable to support various business applications like CAD, CRM, ERP and FTP via its L2VPN service.

Riding on Singapore’s iN2015 vision to connect businesses on high-speed fibre broadband through the Next-Generation Nationwide Broadband Network (NGNBN), ZONE Telecom offers businesses a full suite of solutions that deliver seamless connectivity and maximum savings. “As a one-stop provider of information and communications solutions, we are constantly rolling out new services to better serve our customers, including two new offerings for managed network security (ZONE Zecurity) and remote data back-up storage (ZONE Back-It-Up) services,” Mr. Ong said.

ZONE Telecom, the company behind the leading international call service ZONE1511, is a one-stop service provider for Voice, Data and Internet Communications. Moving into the NGNBN space, it aims to be the preferred partner for businesses in telecommunications and fibre broadband solutions.


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