ZONE1511 launches its 1511CALLBACK service
which helps mobile users save on their local airtime bills!


Singapore, 5th June 2009 – ZONE1511 announced the launch of its newest 1511CALLBACK service which helps its customers save up to 67% on their local airtime mobile bills.  

1511CALLBACK turns every outgoing call into an incoming call. If customers are on a mobile plan that gives them free incoming calls, they could make 1511CALLBACK service work for them. Having 1511CALLBACK is most ideal when consumers have used up their free outgoing airtime minutes or when free outgoing airtime is not applicable during specified hours of the day. With 1511CALLBACK, they could even downgrade their mobile plan to a lower price plan. It's a hassle-free way to save on mobile phone bills because it only costs 5¢ per minute for outgoing calls with 1511CALLBACK compared to 15¢ charged by mobile operators! 

“Most people today are on mobile plan that offers them free incoming calls” says Evelyn Tan, Marketing Manager of ZONE1511. “If you are on a mobile plan which offers you free 2000 minutes, you would usually need to pay around $200 on your monthly subscription. With 1511CALLBACK, 2000 minutes of outgoing airtime would only cost $100 (not inclusive GST). You only pay for what you use; there’s no subscription fee and no contract. Businesses who are into cost cutting measures will find this service valuable, and individuals too, can maximise on their free incoming calls.” 

In today’s economic climate, ZONE1511 is providing a very relevant solution to its customers ~ SAVINGS and CUT COSTS! Besides helping business and individual users slash their IDD bills, 1511CALLBACK service compliments ZONE1511’s mission to help users maximise their savings on their telecommunication needs without compromising on call quality.

The good news to consumers is, cutting costs need not mean compromising on consumers’ convenience.

  • Customers have full control as they can activate and deactivate the 1511CALLBACK service anytime via SMS.
  • There's no change in their dialing habits; no additional access number to remember; simply Dial 1511 + 65 + Telephone Number for local calls; Dial 1511 + Country Code + Area Code + Telephone Number for IDD calls.
  • There's no need to key in the friend’s phone number when the callback comes in; 1511CALLBACK auto connects the phone number customer dialed.
  • The dialed number can be easily saved in user’s address book to facilitate the next callback to the same contact number. Eg. 15116512345678

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