Save more than 50% on calls
to Kuala Lumpur and Penang with ZONE1511


Singapore, October 18, 2000 – International direct dialing (IDD) callers can now enjoy lower telephone rates to Malaysia through ZONE1511’s new IDD service provider, iTopia. Callers can save more than 50% on existing rates to Kuala Lumpur and Penang at the attractive rate of 0.18 cents a minute. Calls are charged at a flat rate and the low rates can be enjoyed at all times of the day. 

ZONE1511 is an IDD service portal that automatically connects customers to the service provider offering the best available rate at the time of their call, giving home and business users better control over IDD call charges.  

iTopia, headquartered in Singapore and Malaysia, is a global carrier and IP System integrator that provides intelligent software driven products through packet-switched and IP-centric communications network. 

Due to iTopia’s advanced technologies and abundant bandwidth, the cost effective IDD calls made through iTopia on ZONE1511 will have consistently high call quality. ZONE 1511’s convenient and easy-to-use service offers individuals, small business and large corporations the power to take control of their IDD costs and call quality. 

“Customers of ZONE1511 who frequently call Kuala Lumpur and Penang will greatly benefit from the huge savings if they select iTopia as one of their service providers,” said Yvonne Lee, Managing Director of ZONE Telecom Pte Ltd. “ZONE1511 is all about giving customers the power to make their own communications decisions. Customers who make overseas calls from their home, office or mobile phone will enjoy significant gains from using ZONE1511, as they will always get the best-priced IDD service provider at the time of their call.” 

 “iTopia recognises that next generation of telecommunications service providers will not only need to deliver quality and competitive offerings, but also convenience through enhanced services like international direct dialing, roaming,  teleconferencing, as well as simple and unified messaging,” said Ng See Nguan, Managing Director of iTopia.Com Pte Ltd. “We believe that ZONE1511’s service concept offers the first real significant step to delivering quality, competitive offerings and convenience to both corporate and individual users.” 

Company Profiles

ZONE Telecom, formerly known as TelaPortal Singapore Pte Ltd, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of e-KONG Group and provides Singapore’s first IDD service portal, ZONE1511. Through a single account, users can register on-line and select up to 5 service providers of their choice from an extensive list of service providers on the portal. ZONE1511 will automatically connect the caller to the best-valued IDD service provider at the time of the call.  Members get one consolidated bill at the end of the month detailing all the calls made through the service.  Calls can be made from any fixed or SingTel and M1 mobile phone. 

Customers can register for ZONE1511 at

e-KONG GROUP LIMITED. The core business of the e-KONG Group Limited (HKSE:524) is to create, operate and invest in the development of Internet and e-commerce businesses. e-KONG is the first to focus on unique industry-convergent service portals, which empower both service providers and registered users. These businesses include its popular IDD portal, ZONE1511; its revolutionary insurance service portal offering instant coverage, speedinsure; and other up-and-coming portals dedicated to saving registered users time and money, and giving service providers direct access to their best customers. 

For further information on e-KONG Group, please visit

iTopia.Com Pte Ltd, a 100% subsidiary of iTopia Holdings Pte Ltd, delivers only IDD quality voice traffic worldwide at the lowest cost through iTopia's global network and Direct Point of Presence (POPs). iTopia serves more than 30 telecommunications service providers in Asia, North America and Europe and has offices in the Malaysia, USA, Germany, Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. This global presence has allowed iTopia to provide enhanced services such as the next generation of pre and post-paid roaming telephony services, teleconferencing services, simple as well as unified messaging services on a global basis for the local telecommunication service providers, enterprises and individuals.



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