ZONE provides free online tools to help companies
prevent fradulent calls


SINGAPORE, 02 November 2015 - To commemorate its 15th Anniversary on 15th November, ZONE Telecom Pte Ltd is providing all its ZONE1511 IDD corporate customers with 2 add-ons to their existing IDD service for free starting from today, with no strings attached.

These premium add-ons – 1511BLACKLIST and 1511WHITELIST – allow the company administrators to block out countries where their companies do not have business dealings in, and to specify which destinations they authorise. These add-ons help to prevent international calls to any unauthorised countries and to save costs in the long run.

ZONE went the extra mile for customers – an added security for IDD service

A large corporation approached ZONE to discuss the problem they were facing with their telecommunication operator at the point of time. They had huge amounts of IDD call charges to unfamiliar destinations and needed a solution to manage the situation. 

Within 2 weeks, the 1511BLACKLIST feature was created. It allows IDD users to block out destinations according to their requirements. They can select to block out calls by country codes, area codes or even a specific telephone number. All these can be done conveniently on ZONE’s website at The blacklist can be created, edited or deleted instantaneously. 

1511WHITELIST was created for customers to allow calls for specific places within the blocked-out countries.

“Many companies do experience similar situations and find it difficult to control and restrict international calls to official destinations,” said Ms Selina Chua, Assistant Director, Enterprise Business, ZONE Telecom Pte Ltd.

Share the goodness with all ZONE1511 IDD corporate customers

“A potential customer came to us because their existing service provider then could not provide the solution. We developed the 1511BLACKLIST feature which solves the customer’s problem and later found that many companies also faced the same problem”, said Mr Peter Ong, Managing Director, ZONE Telecom Pte Ltd.

To commemorate ZONE’s 15th Anniversary, ZONE decides to share the goodness with all its ZONE1511 IDD corporate customers by providing the Blacklist and Whitelist features for free starting from today.

“Our service promise is We Give you More. While we may lose thousands of dollars in revenue, this allows us to offer value to our customers and eventually help build long-term customer loyalty”, added Mr Peter Ong.


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