ZONE Global Dial

International Roaming

Know exactly what you're
paying for.


Frequent travellers will find
ZONE GlobalDial an advantage.

It lets you stay connected with anyone, anywhere without incurring high roaming or IDD charges.

Slash your roaming charges by up to 90%

Your calls back to Singapore are free; you only pay GlobalDial rates in the country you are in

No more uncertainty or high IDD rates charged by overseas operators

No registration. No contract


ZONE GlobalDial comprises:



Helps you set up Singapore-originated calls to anywhere in the world when you are overseas so you can avoid high roaming charges or international call rates



Allows you to forward all your calls from your Singapore number to a designated overseas number



  • The use of ZONE GLOBALDIAL service requires an overseas SIM card.

  • A monthly subscription fee of $8 for each access number is applicable and shall be charged

    • in full or pro-rated if the subscription is less than one month;

    • together with an additional fee of S$2.00 if the access number is terminated within seven days.


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