Mobile Callback

Ride on your 
"free incoming calls" plan to

save even more.


Save big on both your local and overseas mobile call charges with 1511CALLBACK if you're on a “free incoming calls” plan
with your mobile operator. 

Here's how 1511CALLBACK reduces your cellphone bills:


Turns your outgoing calls into incoming calls

No subscription charges

Charges only 5¢ per minute for local airtime compared to mobile operators' standard 15¢ per minute

Free registration

Pay as you use, No contract


Taking up 1511CALLBACK is a smart choice when you've used up your free outgoing airtime or if it is not applicable during specified hours of the day.
It also allows you to switch to a lower-priced plan with your mobile operator to minimise your cellphone bills.

To activate 1511CALLBACK service, kindly sign up for a ZONE account.



  •  The 1511CALLBACK service is suitable for M1, Singtel and Starhub mobile subscribers with free incoming call plans only.

  •  ZONE1511 will bill you for your 1511CALLBACK usage (GST applicable).

  •  Mobile subscription fee is still payable to your own mobile operator.

  •  Rates are accurate as of printing and subject to change without prior notice.

  •  Calls via 1511CallBack service are charged at 60-second blocks.

  •  Only ZONE1511 members with their mobile number registered are able to use 1511CALLBACK service, except those on 1511EXPRESS or LCR plan.


User Guide

Using 1511CALLBACK is easy!

You only need to activate the service once and all your calls using 1511 wil lbe converted toCallBack. 
When you don't need it, just deactivate the service.


We are happy to answer any questions.

Just send us a message by clicking the contact us now button.