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ZONE Audio Conferencing

Enjoy 24/7 on-demand conferencing and flexible options: self-service (ZONE Reservationless-Plus) or fully-assisted. Experience loud, crisp and clear voice quality.


ZONE Video Conferencing

Using full HD video collaborations, ZONE connects rooms, desktops and smart devices together with a cloud-based solution that is engineered for performance and scale.


ZONE Unified Meeting

This unified solution with audio, web and video features empower worldwide virtual collaborations with one simple click. Enjoy video playback, HD multipoint video and self-branding capabilities without compromising on security or quality.


ZONE SmartMeet

Supercharge your team’s productivity and mobility by giving members the power to host, participate in, view presentations and manage conference calls and online meetings using their iPhone/Android devices.


ZONE Call Manager

This intuitive dashboard and online participating management tool allows you to manage your audio conference calls from your desktop or mobile device.


Other Features

Exceptional wealth of features.

Special Features

Call Features

Voice Over IP

Connect to your meetings with our hybrid audio Voice over IP platform for cost savings, flexibility and guaranteed international access.

Browser Meetings

Start and join meetings in your favorite browser for constant accessibility. **Please note that certain features are unavailable in the browser based version of the application.

Call Me

We’ll call you, wherever you want, so you can avoid the hassle of having to remember Dial-In numbers and easily join your meeting.


Call your dedicated toll or toll-free number with access to a full array of call features.

Calendar & Mail Integration

ZONE Conference's integration with your favorite mail and calendar client means one click adds all your meeting information to your invites. If your schedule changes, connection information is carried over and no new connection details are required.

Scheduling for Others

Manage the scheduling of meetings for your colleagues and bosses by saving their account information.

Quick Invites

Forgot someone? With one click you can dial out to a missing participant or send them an instant invite.

Custom Meeting URL

Personalize your meeting experience by adding a unique identifier to your connection URL that you and your meeting attendees can easily remember.


Share Features

View and Collaborate


Files & Applications

Share and switch between individual files or applications to easily take notes or collaborate.


Upload a prepared PowerPoint presentation for private access to notes and key speaking points.

Desktop Sharing

Share your desktop, in motion, to drive meeting productivity and engagement.

Promote or Pass Sharing Control

Easily pass control so team members can edit documents or promote them so they can share content too.

Business Card / Social Media Integration

Let meeting attendees know who you are with easy to edit business card info or use your Facebook or LinkedIn account to auto-populate and maintain a consistent online presence.

Multipoint Video

Add an additional layer of personalisation and feel like you’re in the same room by sharing your webcam as an alternative to the default avatar or your uploaded image.


Add a new level of engagement between you, participants and their peers without interrupting meeting flow.

Subconferencing / Breakout Rooms

Create spaces for meeting VIPs, private conversations or team discussions.


Highlight key elements of your presentations, desktop or applications or drive participant engagement.


Conduct research or simply get input from your colleagues and meeting participants by posing a multiple choice question with full results shown in real-time.

Meeting Security

Easily accept, reject or dismiss participants or lock your meeting room for secure meetings.

Active Talker

Always know who's speaking with real time indicators.


Extent the reach of your meetings by recording the web and audio for easy archiving and sharing for future playback or those who missed it.

Participant Management

Know who's in your meeting by using the recorded name replay, easy business card identification and rename save for future meeting use.

Group & Lecture Mute/Unmute

Mute an individual or your entire participant circle so that only your presentation is heard or when trying to avoid background noise interference.


User Guide

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