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ZONE1511 Earns Ringing Endrosements From Users

From exceptionally low IDD rates designed to help businesses maintain a healthy bottom line, to the premium quality of
our technical service and customer support, our corporate customers find plenty to praise about ZONE1511.

ZONE Broadband 2.0 offers an ultra-high-speed business Internet connection to meet our broadband demands. ZONE’s Mission Critical class of service assures the connectivity and stability required for the nature of our business. With no interruptions or connectivity downtime, the time savings translate to even higher productivity for the company.
— Mr Ken Ng, Managing Director Genesis Design & Print Pte Ltd
ZONE Zentrex offers more IP PBX features at better prices compared to other service providers, resulting in 30% savings for us. On top of that, my sales personnel can be contacted wherever they are, improving response time and overall customer relations.
— Mr Eric Lee, Deputy GM for Corporate Affairs THT Logistics Pte Ltd
We decided to switch over to ZONE’s fibre broadband to address issues of frequent loss of connection and time spent reconnecting to the server with our previous solutions. A Layer 2 VPN was deployed over the fibre Internet connection and since then transactions are much faster, the system no longer hangs and we do not encounter any more drops in connection. Plus, it costs us less than before.
— Mr Goh Zhi Xian, Senior Group IT Engineer Drilmaco Pte Ltd
A fast and reliable Internet connection has enabled us to streamline operations. We also safeguard our work by backing up data in the cloud instead of using costly physical storage drives. ZONE Telecom’s solutions have helped us reduce operational costs, yet ensure our business activities can run like clockwork. Bravo!
— Mr Stevens Read, Co-Founder/Executive Producer One Animation Pte Ltd
I firmly believe that no other providers can match ZONE in terms of service level. ZONE1511 has enabled us to customise our company invoice format to meet our business needs and other departmental requests. Likewise, the company’s costsavings are phenomenal. ZONE has done a great job!
— Mr Melchor S Ganaban, IT Manager XTRA Designs Pte Ltd
The ZONE team offered to install my fibre connection and phone lines within a very short time, despite my order coinciding with the public holiday period, and offered alternative solutions in the event that deadlines could not be met. We will definitely recommend ZONE to anyone requiring phone/Internet services.
— Mr Frank Märgner, Sales Director Asia Pacific Hengst Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
For the last few years, ZONE1511 has faithfully delivered top quality IDD services to us. Even to certain remote areas in other countries, ZONE1511 networks are still able to connect us to our clients. Further, we never experience any drop-call problem with ZONE1511. Thank you and we look forward to more high quality IDD services from ZONE1511.
— Ms. Phamlyn Yew BPS Placement Services Pte Ltd
So far, in comparison with other providers, ZONE1511 is still cheaper and the charges are charged at initial 30-second blocks followed by subsequent 6-second blocks. Majority of the other providers charge in blocks of 6 seconds only. No doubt some provider may argue on the point that if we were to talk less than 6 seconds, we shall lose out on the first 30 seconds initial charge by ZONE1511. Well, in my opinion, no matter how you make the calls, it would definitely be more than 6 seconds or even be about or more than 30 seconds. Furthermore, most of our calls are official calls and made during office hours unless due to time differences in certain countries.

The other thing is the response time rendered to us upon receiving our feedback. The good part is we don’t have to hold on the phone calling the customer service but just via email and eventually our feedback is attended to and not missed out totally. Even the activation and cancellation could be done easily via online or even via email which I am very comfortable with.

Your customer service officers are also very courteous and took the trouble to call us personally to check on the feedback and response. This is the extra mile service which is very much appreciated by customers.

Thank you for the great service.
— Ms. Latifah Mohd Ismail NSL Chemicals Ltd
Our department has found using 1511 a real breeze when we make a conference call overseas. It is clear and there are no disruptions to our conversations. That is particularly important for business calls.

In fact, my family uses 1511 for all our overseas calls from home and we have been introducing the service to my extended family and friends. Thank you for making our overseas calls cheaper as it has helped us to renew contacts and friendships.
— Dr. Lee Kim Eng Christine National Institute of Education
ZONE1511 has been a great business partner as they took the time to understand and added value in many parts of our business. As an International Franchisor, we do benefit mainly from savings of our overseas calls. It also means that we can communicate with our franchisees overseas more frequently and this has helped in the relationship building between Franchisor and Franchisee.
— Mr. Felix Cheok Pastamatrix Int’l Pte Ltd
Your online management system is so easy to use and everything is real-time. This has helped me tremendously in my work especially with regard to last-minute requests. Your attractive rates also make a difference in telco costs. Thank you.
— Mdm. Lynda Tan International Customer Loyalty Programmes (A.P) Pte Ltd

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